Our Company

Our Company

Mission, Vision and Values our Mission.


Golf International has three missions which are mentioned below

• To be a solution partner for the entrepreneurs who want to invest in golf on location determination, project design, construction management, turnkey golf course construction and operation strategies.

• To provide machinery and equipment for the maintenance of all kinds of lawns, especially golf and football fields, and to provide after-sales services.

• To produce, import and provide after-sales services for golf vehicles intended to carry passengers and cargo in accordance with the conditions of our country and the geography where we work.


Within the scope of our missions, depending on human, environment, scarce resources and project economy values;

• To increase our current international recognition and to be the first choice for golf course construction in a wide world geography.

• To be the preferred company that can provide price-quality balance in the sale of all kinds of machinery and equipment used in the maintenance of grass fields, achieve excellence in after-sales services.

• To strengthen our position as the market leader in the golf carts we represent and to produce our own brand golf carts that we have produced abroad in our country in the near future.

• To move away from the fossil fuel awareness with environmentally friendly electric vehicles and machines and to increase the awareness of nature.


Golf International is a long-established organization that considers commitment to ethical values ​​as a prerequisite in all its activities and sees ethical rules as one of the cornerstones of its corporate culture.

Golf International; relations with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors and the public; honesty, responsibility and respect for the right.

Golf International is aware of its role in social and economic life and takes into consideration the aim of development of society and economy while continuing its activities.

Within this framework, the ethical rules of our company which adopts the principles of "Corporate Governance" are as follows:

1. Honesty

The principle of honest and fair conduct is essential in all internal and external relations and processes.

Company employees and stakeholders only make promises and promises.

2. Confidentiality

Every employee within the company; is aware of the confidentiality of private information about the department, related person, institutions and other employees and has to keep it. Such information is used only for professional purposes required by the job and duty in accordance with the law and legislation and is only shared with authorized persons. This obligation shall also continue in case the employees' relationship with the company is terminated.

3. Conflict of Interest and Unfair Benefit

The company employees prioritize the self-interest of the company while performing their duties. The Company avoids any kind of action and behavior that may mean gaining benefit to the person or relatives by using its resources or reputation. Company employees; takes utmost care not to abuse company resources and to protect the name and reputation of the company.

4. Bribery

Company employees may not receive, give, mediate or offer bribes and / or commissions in any way, even if they cause company benefits.

5. Accepting and Giving Gifts

Employees of the Company may not request or imply gifts from other companies and persons with whom the Company is involved. The company cannot accept gifts, money, checks, property, holidays, special discounts that will put it under obligation. Gifts that are accepted within the courtesy limits and do not contain economic value are delivered to the company's head office. These gifts are primarily used in social responsibility projects.

6. Harassment / Violence Abuse;

This includes undesirable sexual approaches, requests for sexual privilege and all other verbal and physical behaviors with sexual content. Harassment may interfere in a person's work performance without cause; it also includes the purpose and effect of creating a deterrent, hostile or disturbing work environment. Therefore, attempting to mobbing or psychological violence against a colleague is also considered as harassment. The Company is not permitted to perform any form of harassment by its employees.

7. Our Responsibilities

The Company takes the utmost care to fulfill the following responsibilities towards its customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, environment and society.

7.1. Compliance with Laws and Legislation

The Company complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates in Turkey and abroad. Information, documents and records related to these activities are kept regularly and completely. All kinds of reports, presentations, financial statements and footnotes to be submitted by the Company to the competent authorities are prepared accurately and transparently with maximum care in accordance with the laws, regulations and internal regulations.

7.2. Against Customers

Company employees are aware of the fact that the expectations of the customers and satisfaction with the quality of the business must be fulfilled. In this context, we treat honest and fair relations with customers. We strive to understand their needs in a professional manner based on the principles of honesty and integrity in dealing with customers, and are sincere, willing and respectful to assist. By researching new technological opportunities, it is aimed to reach the maximum satisfaction of the customers as soon as possible. Communication and complaint channels are kept as wide and open as possible.

7.3 Against Employees

The Company treats its employees impartially, without prejudice and fairly. It takes care to ensure that all employees work in a healthy, safe and efficient work environment. All employees are given equal opportunities in recruitment and career development regardless of race, religion, gender, duties and titles. In order to contribute positively to the performance of the employees, care is taken to provide the necessary opportunities for their personal development. It does not judge any employee for sexual differences or inclinations. It fulfills the rights arising from the provisions of the legislation to which the employees are subject in a timely and complete manner.

7.4. Against Suppliers and Business Partners

The Company treats its individuals and organizations in the framework of honest, fair, respectful and goodwill rules and fulfills its legal obligations.

7.5. Against Competitors

The Company is meticulous about the development of the sectors in which it operates, taking into account the common interests of all the companies operating in the sector and the continuity of the trust in the sector. It avoids unfair competition against competitors and acts within the framework of ethical rules, taking into consideration fair competition conditions.

7.6. Against Environment and Society

The Company acts with social benefit and environmental awareness in its activities and aims to apply high standards in environmental awareness. It avoids violations of environmental rules that may harm the health and rights of employees, customers and residents of the region in which it operates. It acts in a way to minimize the negative impacts of its activities on the environment in all business areas and takes measures to prevent environmental pollution. Minimizes the consumption of natural resources.

Within the framework of its responsibilities to the society, it supports activities aimed at education and charity, activities aimed at raising environmental and social awareness, activities for the benefit of the public, and cultural and social responsibility projects.

Acts sensitively to the traditions and cultures of the countries in which it operates abroad, adapts to the social structure and avoids elements that may have a negative impact on the social environment. In its activities, it takes all precautions to protect the natural environment as well as archaeological, historical, architectural and cultural monuments.