Golf Construction and Development Services

Golf Construction and Development Services

Feasibility Report


Decision to invest in golf requires rigorous and versatile work.

The land size, the land conditions, the zoning status (*), water availability, regional resources, logistics facilities, climate interactions, targeted market and approximate cost are only a few of the things that need to be answered initially. Golf international with over 30 years of experience in the sector, can answer all of these questions for you.

Golf eligibility report is a 2-stage work.

- The physical relevance of potential land is assessed on site.

- The above-mentioned subjects for this stage are examined and presented as a report to the investor. This study lasts for an average of 2 weeks. If the investor requests, preliminary master plan study can be done in addition to the report.

The investor who approaches the topic in this way is able to see many answers about the project at the beginning and can make a healthy decision.

(*) Zoning (construction) work; Executed with the support of regional survey and city planning firms.