Dingo TX427

Narrow / Wide Track Power Unit

Dingo TX427 / Narrow / Wide Track Power Unit

Product Details / Videos

The Toro Dingo TX 427 Wide Track extends your versatility, while improving your productivity when faced with a variety of landscapes and ground conditions. The TX 427 Wide Track offers amazing hydraulic power and with only 3.6 psi ground pressure, the Dingo TX 427 is extremely gentle on delicate turf. All of this awesome power is harnessed with only 3 easy-to-use hand controls. These simple controls coupled with walk behind operator position translate into extremely short learning curves, 360° visibility and instant productivity.

Technical Specifications

Model : Dingo TX427
Model No : 22321 /22322
Engine : Kohler Command Pro 27 hp gasoline
Track/wheel Options : Narrow / Wide Track
Remote Control : Hydraulic double lever
Track : Kevler reinforced rubbe
Boom Height : 167 cm
Capacity : 694 kg + operator
Weight : 864 kg /931 kg
Diamention (W*L*H) : 86/104 x 180 x 229 cm
Warranty : 2 Yıl