Golf Construction and Development Services

Golf Construction and Development Services

Construction of Mini Golf Courses

Golf International also builds natural turf mini golf courses in large housing estates, parks and commercial areas. Open to golfers of any age group, mini golf courses add value to projects in terms of both functional and visual quality. The mini golf course can also be enriched by combining it with three main golf training areas: putting green, chipping green, and driving range cage.

Mini golf courses are built within approximately one to one and a half months. Once the construction works end, it takes approximately two and a half months in summer for the turf to grow and to become fit for playing golf.

A 500 square meter land is sufficient for a 9-hole mini golf course. A 18-hole golf course, with the landscape and ponds, can be installed on a land of 1000 to 2000 square meters.

The turf on a mini golf course should be 4 to 5 mm high for the ball to roll. Know-how and special machinery are required for the maintenance of this special kind of turf.